We set up, in October 2012, a small structure in the legal sector (law firm), with about ten employees or independent collaborators.To this end, we have been appreciating the important proactivity and the work quality of Assyst Europe, ever since the designing of our structure, in which the IT occupies an essential place. We have been daily pursuing ever since and with a remarkable reactivity, a collaboration allowing the optimal implementation and functioning of the internal computer network, that was set up at the time, and which continues to function without problems and to grow with the company.

Michel Kaiser (ALTEA)

We have been working with Assyst Europe for several years under a SLA service contract (high availability and capacity to understand our needs)

We thank Assyst Europe for the quality of their services and particularly their professionalism.
It is a pleasure to be working with them for several years.


At Caim Legal, we have trusted the management of our IT infrastructure to Assyst Europe, since 2005. Assyst Europe has always shown competence, availability and pragmatism. Add to this a complete range of services at reasonable prices and an extremely friendly staff, and you get a reliable partner with whom it is a pleasure to be working for numerous years.

Guillaume RUE (Cairn Legal)

Assyst Europe is not only an excellent IT company, but also a trusted partner with whom we have been collaborating since 2010. They manage our entire IT infrastructure with brio, always proposing the best solutions according to our needs and the new technologies market. Assyst Europe is a real asset to KOAN. We highly recommend their services.

Sarah Goosse (KoanLorenz)

We are very satisfied with the quality of service provided by Assyst Europe. We sincerely appreciate the efforts which you have made to integrate Skype for Business into our environment SharePoint and for having convinced our members of its use. We also thank you for your responsiveness and the way you work in general. The customized SharePoint site which you have developed, covers our needs a 100% thanks to the brainstorming sessions which we had beforehand with you. We are now looking forward to continuing our good cooperation to a next step, that is, the equipment of our new meeting room, and in the future.

Rita Sterckx (ACEM)

I was surprised by Assyst Europe’s efficiency and responsiveness!

My professional experience originating from large multinational companies in the pharmaceutical sector, I was amazed by the efficiency and the accuracy of interventions of Assyst Europe within the PME, where I have the privilege to work at the present time.

I am constantly under the impression that Assyst Europe is situated in our premises. An Assyst Europe technician is available and present on site whenever necessary, providing the best solution.

I am constantly under the impression that Assyst Europe is situated in our premises. An Assyst Europe technician is available and present on site whenever necessary, always providing the best solution.

I recommend Assyst Europe for its high professionalism and accurate treatment of the everyday hazards of Ets Barré. Our working tools remain functional and highly efficient ever since the Barré company entered into a partnership with Assyst Europe.

Case in point: Slowness in Winbooks and ERP Logistics. Thanks to its centralised and unified management, Assyst Europe, provided us with a radical and permanent solution.

Mr Barré (BARRE ® SA)