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Cloud computing solutions (applications and communications) are particularly indicated when it is needed to combine mobility and collaboration within your business process. They permit a totally transparent association of application portfolios, issued by various publishers, while allowing payment depending on the usage (pay-per-use).

The result is a disruption of access to information systems, which tend to become heterogeneous and tedious. Our know-how and experience are the answers to your needs of secure and unified connectivity that derives from private and public Clouds.

Outsourcing of Cloud services is our job. We help you establish unified security and confidentiality policies.



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The Public Cloud does not mean that everyone has access to your application, but that you can simultaneously access various Cloud platforms instead. Your data are disseminated on different servers and software editors.
In the case of a Public Cloud service, it is our host who assumes all the investments: infrastructure, software licenses, storage and security. Your financial contribution only consists of a subscription, associated to the quantity or the duration of the use.
You can thus rationalize your IT management and reduce the time and expense spent on maintenance of your system.

The most widespread Public Cloud platform to date is undoubtedly the Microsoft Office 365 platform, which mainly hosts the messaging data. Usage is calculated on the duration (/365d).


The term “Private” means that you are the only one that operates your Cloud infrastructure, which therefore assures extra security and increased management autonomy. In this case, we can handle the accomodation of a part or of the totality of your infrastructure by an external specialized web host. It might be interesting, for example, to host critical business applications that only you can access, while they would be integrated to other applications on the website.


It is the convergence of Private Cloud and Public Cloud!
We can store, for example, your protected data in your Private Cloud, while using Public Cloud capabilities. Thus, in case of strong workload inflows, you would use the Public Cloud resources while storing your data securely on the Private Cloud. In this manner, you keep control of your environment while maintaining the benefits of both worlds, of which ASSYST EUROPE will ensure the optimal convergence.

To obtain this, ASSYST EUROPE, specialized in the convergence of both worlds, handles:

  • Managing the encrypted connections that allow the data portability from one environment to another, and this in a completely transparent way.
  • Creating means of unique and simplified secure connections for users that would need to connect to several different Web applications during a single online session.


The convergence of telephony services (voice) and the IT services (data) in the Cloud will assure a perfect integration. If thanks to the Cloud, your programs and data can be accessible anywhere, why should it not be the same for the telephony services?

IP telephony services on the Cloud are more than just a phone service; they are true unified communication platforms. They will complete your business applications which you can access via the Cloud, anytime, anywhere, and from any device (ATAWAD – AnyTime, AnyWhere, AnyDevice).

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  • VM Ware 150x150
  • VM Ware Air Network 150x150
  • Microsoft Active 150x150
  • INTEL 150x150

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