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Maintaining a computer system is a science. Consequently, it requires a scientific methodology permitting the gathering of accurate measurements and composing of refined diagnostics thanks to a thorough knowledge and a good experience of the systems and protocols.

Our global service contracts assume all aspects of your IT and telephony infrastructure: Preventive, proactive or reactive on-demand maintenance.

Our technical support is available by phone, email or remote maintenance in order to resolve the soonest possible any incident. It is familiarized with your infrastructure which is perfectly documented. This facilitates the diagnosis and increases the efficiency of all our interventions.
Our service contracts aim to provide you with an uninterrupted operation while keeping your budget under control.


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Our service contracts include an active monitoring option. We install a “probe” on your network that will monitor the different key services of your infrastructure (tailor-made monitoring adapted to your infrustructure and your needs). This “probe” will transmit these measures to our server of centralized monitoring. We are thus informed, in real time, of any alert announcing a possible failure. This proactive action allows us to detect any malfunction.


A relationship of trust cannot develop without a perfect transparency, thus we provide you with full access to our management platform. In addition of keeping track of our interventions, you will also subject them to an approval procedure. A true dashboard, it allows you to manage the inventory of your computer hardware and licences, perform statistics in order to measure and optimize your costs (maintenance, investments, installations…). You will be able to access and store all the technical doucmentation relative to your infrastructure, you IT procedures, your invoice details and to many other advantages that we are inviting you to discover …


We make it a point to allow time for reflection and negotiation before any collaboration. This contributes not only to the serenity of our relations, but also proves to be essential to the dialogues that will intervene in the evolution of our services in line with your changing needs.
The SLA type contracts provide answers to essential questions such as :
Who provides, which service and when?
What is happening in case of problems?
Which is the service provided and how can service quality be assessed?
How to handle changes within the infrastructure and the related services?
Which responsibilities? Which compensations ?

As such, it is also imperative to develop conclusive measurement means as to the quality of the service provided. We are proposing to establish together key performance indicators (KPIs) in the light of our experience and the ITIL methodology (Information Technology Infrastructure Library).


Since a contract is above all a living and evolving working tool, the performance results (KPIs) are available in real time on your IT management platform.
These results are exploited during our periodic monitoring meetings and also during the re-evaluation of your contracts and needs.

Relevant technologies

  • ITIL 150x150
  • Zabbix 150x150

Our references

  • KOAN LORENZ 150x150
  • busi-150x150
  • HELB 150x150
  • ARJO 150x150
  • ULB 150x150
  • Sableco 150x150


Assyst Europe is not only an excellent IT company, but also a trusted partner with whom we have been collaborating since 2010. They manage our entire IT infrastructure with brio, always proposing the best solutions according to our needs and the new technologies market. Assyst Europe is a real asset to KOAN. We highly recommend their services.

Sarah Goosse (KoanLorenz)

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