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Infrastructure Outsourcing

We build, optimise and deploy agile computer networks consisting of one or several servers, one or several sites. Outsourcing involves assuming responsibility of your entire infrastructure, while guaranteeing a continuous operation. We provide tailored and effective solutions to your needs for integration, homogeneity and scalability.


Our services


Strengths and weaknesses analysis of your infrastructure. Maturity assessment of your park. Proposition of remedies or productive solutions. Audit of required preventative maintenance of the support level or training of the users. Security assessment for effective protection of your data against common computer attacks. Disaster recovery audit. Asset Management Plan.


Centralized management of customer configurations (Global POlicies) – Deployment of systems and applications. Application servers (email, file, collaborative applications, business). Internal network/intersite. Wifi with centralized management – Teleworking Solutions and Electronic Meetings.


A convergent installation integrates, simultaneously, telephony and all telecommunications and business applications. Telecommunications, thus, must meet unified criteria either for telephony, access to electronic mail, access to business applications on cloud (hybrid infrastructure) or remote access for teleworkers. Security risks can only be enhanced with comprehensive response (cybersecurity). This type of approach decreases implementation and maintenance costs, increasing significantly, at the same time, performance and scalability.


Increase significantly the productivity of your employees by making a definit leap towards Paperless Office. Whatever your logic of classifying, your staff will instantly find their document without loss of time, even while teleworking. Thanks to Content Indexing it will be possible, as from now, to integrate each and every document to your management system.


The advantages of IP telephony reach beyond the mere reduction of communication costs!

Convergent solutions designed and implemented by ASSYST EUROPE take an even greater relevance when IP telephony is integrated. Authentik unified communications center, IP telephony integrates with the secure management of Internet connectivity, the electronic mailbox of each user (e-mail, calendar…) and even with your company’s management software (Customer Relation Management – CRM). Your employees either sedentary, nomadic or even teleworking, would be accessible on a single professional number! You would not have to accumulate different contracts of computer services and telephone system maintenance. You can achieve real savings with our holisctic approach and our all-in-one service contract!


Even though the Cloud solutions deliver real benefits to both small and large enterprises, their use should not be systematically justified by (or diminishing) costs. An alternative solution of leasing or de-financing with repurchase of the residual value can be even more interesting. ASSYST EUROPE is affiliated since several years to renowned and specialized financial institutions. It would be our pleasure to advise you. Please do not hesitate to contact us for advice.

Relevant technologies

  • WIndows Server 150x150
  • ZYKEL150x150
  • Fortinet 150x150
  • Linux 150x150
  • AVAYA 150x150

Our references

  • POLITICO 150x150
  • KOAN LORENZ 150x150
  • ARJO 150x150
  • busi-150x150
  • VARY LEGAL 150x150
  • BNP PARIBAS 150x150


I was surprised by Assyst Europe’s efficiency and responsiveness!

My professional experience originating from large multinational companies in the pharmaceutical sector, I was amazed by the efficiency and the accuracy of interventions of Assyst Europe within the PME, where I have the privilege to work at the present time.

I am constantly under the impression that Assyst Europe is situated in our premises. An Assyst Europe technician is available and present on site whenever necessary, providing the best solution.

I am constantly under the impression that Assyst Europe is situated in our premises. An Assyst Europe technician is available and present on site whenever necessary, always providing the best solution.

I recommend Assyst Europe for its high professionalism and accurate treatment of the everyday hazards of Ets Barré. Our working tools remain functional and highly efficient ever since the Barré company entered into a partnership with Assyst Europe.

Case in point: Slowness in Winbooks and ERP Logistics. Thanks to its centralised and unified management, Assyst Europe, provided us with a radical and permanent solution.

Mr Barré (BARRE ® SA)

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