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The conversion of information technology and interactive teaching (e-learning) is revolutionizing teaching methods. Mobility is not only the privilege of teleworkers, but also of students, who can attend their class from anywhere, anytime and at a suitable pace.

Thanks to the new technologies on the cloud, the teachers have now more time for individual and remote coaching of their students. Students can now be evaluated according to more objective criteria while their parents are offered the possibility to follow their progress.

For more than a decade, ASSYST EUROPE offers specialized services in the field of education, through convergent solutions such as e-portal, Moodle, Office365, e-CRM… This approach has led to the hybridization of the Cloud technologies and on the website.



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The majority of schools and in particular those of higher education are spread across multiple sites. This does not necessarily mean that different networks must be managed. The interconnection of sites will form a single network, conferring to the whole as a single forest:

  • A single directory service (active directory). Users (students, faculty, administrative staff) can have access to their account, their syllabus (Moodle) and attend examinations interchangeably from any site.
  • Harmonization of security policies and computer procedures of the school structure for all the sites.
  • IP Telephony Management with free calls intersite. Telephony integration to the directory service of the institution (convergence of telephony and computer network).
  • Redundancy of the servers (high availability) in particular for the directory service allowing access to hybrid cloud platforms.
  • Cross-site backups.


For all spaces occupied by numerous workstations (classrooms or cyberspaces), the use of a centralized topology is strongly indicated:

  • Remote desktop Server (Terminal Serveur)
  • Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI)

These infrastructures present numerous advantages :

  • Reduction of management and maintenance costs,
  • Energy saving,
  • Space saving, simplification of security processes …
  • Deploying rendered useless applications.

These solutions present, however, some inconveniences such as the limitation of the multimedia applications. There are, nevertheless, possible compromises and solutions allowing to by-pass these difficulties.

We are willing to analyze your needs and share our acquired experience with numerous schools of higher education for several years.


From the main portal of the school establishment, teachers and students can have the same username and password in SSO (Single Sign On) interfacing and therefore have access to all current services such as:

  • Mail
  • E-learning platform, Moodle
  • Libraries
  • Schedule
  • Course material
  • Leaflets

We can also authenticate the users by means of mobile devices and of contextual mobile data and offer secure single sign-on for all applications.


ASSYST EUROPE implements a large number of features designed to facilitate the distribution of operating systems and applications, as well as the freezing of configurations during use by students.
These features turn out particularly useful when they are deployed on a large number of workstations. They not only reduce the costs associated with the installation and maintenance, but also ensure the perfect duplication of machines and therefore guarantee a homogeneous operation for all students during class. In addition, they allow:

  • Automatic detection of devices
  • Hardware and software inventory.
  • Tracking of modifications and licence management
  • Automatic creation of users.


We perform a site survey, prior to any installation, in order to insure optimum coverage, in line with the health standards, even under the most unfavourable conditions (outdoors, industrial, elevators…)

We offer technological solutions that allow us to target demanding environments both in terms of load (simultaneous mass connections), performance (demanding connection such as videoconferencing) or even security (data confidentiality).

To achieve this, we complete our proposals by:

  • Omnidirectional antennas,
  • Algorithms of symmetric ciphers AES or 3DES,
  • Authentications by RADIUS server and via Active Directory,
  • Captive Portals
  • Transparent Proxy Servers

Relevant technologies

  • DEEP FREEZ 150x150
  • Microsoft Dream Spark 150x150
  • Microsoft Terminal 150x150
  • OFFICE 365  150x150
  • WEB TITAN 150x150
  • ZYKEL150x150

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  • ULB 150x150

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