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European Organisations

The European organisations, and all other connected to them organisations, trust ASSYST EUROPE for the reliability of its staff and its experience in the concept or support of the IT infrastructure necessary for the implementation of important events.

Organisation of meetings, videoconferences, integration to management systems, data and communications encryption, rigorous authentication are part of the common tasks we assume.

Our team has all the necessary accreditations in order to intervene within the Institutions and is accustomed to coordinating with embassies or foreign European ministries.


Our services


Since spring 2016, the new European measures impose on every organization (EU or non-EU) to protect effectively all data belonging to European citizens.

In the event of loss of data or cyber-attack, the organization may be subject of severe fines, in case it could not demonstrate having taken every action to protect its data.

Digital encryption techniques are established as the best means of protecting data against hacking of information.

ASSYST EUROPE offers centralized encryption services through a server, integrated to all users, weather nomadic or sedentary. We can also secure your databases or email servers by transparent encryption without impacting the user-friendliness.

ASSYST EUROPE’s converging solutions contribute greatly to the centralized management of all aspects of security.


We perform a site survey, prior to any installation, in order to insure optimum coverage, in line with the health standards, even under the most unfavourable conditions (outdoors, industrial, elevators…)

We offer technological solutions that allow us to target demanding environments both in terms of load (simultaneous mass connections), performance (demanding connection such as videoconferencing) or even security (data confidentiality).

To achieve this, we complete our proposals by:

  • Omnidirectional antennas,
  • Algorithms of symmetric ciphers AES or 3DES,
  • Authentications by RADIUS server and via Active Directory,
  • Captive Portals
  • Transparent Proxy Servers


The European organizations, Embassies, Permanent Representations, operate in the majority of cases under the supervision of an Organisation or a Foreign Ministry. The IT management of their antennas situated in Brussels, requires a perfect coordination and respect of the procedures and protocols.
For more than 11 years, ASSYST EUROPE is involved in the organization of presidencies In European councils and support for the organization of European summits or other diplomatic events.


The large meeting rooms, equipped with a giant screen, no longer meet the videoconferencing needs of European companies or Organizations.

Videoconferences are nowadays organized in a meeting room or in an open office (Open Space)
ASSYST EUROPE’s convergent solutions allow you to exploit your IP telephony as a gateway towards solutions of Cloud Videoconferences such as SKYPE for BUSINESS. You can communicate, thus, in high definition, directly from your workstation or communicate and visualize a PowerPoint presentation with several persons simultaneously.
Integrated to a SharePoint Server, we integrate storage of documents and links to join meetings from your Outlook calendar or Meeting Workspace SharePoint!


You manage your project yourself, but you encounter a specific need of IT resources: we can help you!

  • We provide you with one or several consultants for a specific mission or for a determined period.
  • Through the relationship of overtime growing trust with our customers and a perfect integration into your structure, we can also intervene for replacements of IT staff in case of diverse short leaves.
  • We understand your needs and we adapt rapidly to your structural and organizational requirements. Our added value is to be found in our great flexibility.


We make it a point to allow time for reflection and negotiation before any collaboration. This contributes not only to the serenity of our relations, but also proves to be essential to the dialogues that will intervene in the evolution of our services in line with your changing needs.

The SLA type contracts provide answers to essential questions such as :

  • Who provides, which service and when?
  • What is happening in case of problems?
  • Which is the service provided and how can service quality be assessed?
  • How to handle changes within the infrastructure and the related services?
  • Which responsibilities? Which compensations ?

Relevant technologies

  • AVAYA 150x150
  • BARCO 150x150
  • POLYCOM 150x150
  • SENNHEISER 150x150
  • SHARE POINT150x150

Our references

  • ACEM-150x150
  • ONB 150x150
  • ANCE 150x150
  • AISE
  • DRF
  • euractiv3

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