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We have already gained the trust of many companies and due to this, we have acquired deep knowledge of your business, your constraints, and your requirements : Access your files anywhere, anytime, securely and from any device.

More of 10 years of experience in law firms of any size, enables us to anticipate your needs as well as the majority of technical difficulties.

Global and convergent solutions, all-in-one, integrating your whole IT infrustructure, IP telephony and main business-specific applications.

We offer you an evolving project at a mastered and sharp budget, for both the implementation and the maintenance.


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The BYOD or “Bring your own device” indicates the use, for professional purposes, of personal mobile terminals for the members of a company or, in this particular case, of a cabinet. The majority of these terminals are tablets, or smartphones on which are synchronized the contacts, calendars and emails and even remote access to a records management program or document management.

If the advantages of this approach are well established, it is still a fact that BYOD complicates management and computer security. Indeed, how can the most vulnerable files of your cabinet be secure, since the limit between personal and professional use is not clearly defined anymore? How can you be protected against accidental loss of documents, viruses or the loss of confidentiality of files due to a theft?

Since spring 2016, the European Commission imposes severe fines in the case that it would be demonstrated that a structure does not make every effort in order to protect the privacy of a European citizen. The loss or disappearance of a mobile device containing non encrypted private information, are examples of situations that should be imperatively avoided.
Furthermore, the data encryption of a firm can be efficient and economically realistic, only in the condition of being controlled via a centralized management console.

The integration of such solutions within your infrastructure, whether in the Cloud or on-site, cannot be improvised and must be anticipated as from the designing and definition of the infrastructure project.

ASSYST EUROPE offers its expertise acquired over several years, within other demanding sectors such as institutions of higher education, organizations, banks …


In the perfect continuity of the integration of mobility, of BYOD and of the essential security measures, such as the encryption of data on mobile devices, we are noting a particular accent on the necessity of keeping a global and holistic vision of security. We willingly evoke the notion of cyber safety, which is no longer the exclusive concern of large structures.

The convergence of information technology (telephony, email, data, applications) results to the advantage of the convergence of security measures. It is the whole of the infrastructure that must be visible and manageable from a single management console. This avoids multiple management and associated costs, telecommunication lines, service contracts. How many incidents or time loss have occurred because two suppliers did not coordinate?

This, results in the ability to offer service contracts with commitment on results (SLA) and flat-rate pricing.

The converging solutions of ASSYST EUROPE clarify and simplify security aspects and levels of services and responsibilities.


The software integration and the timesheeting management will allow :

  • To create tasks at the heart of your current MS Office applications (Word & Outlook) and sort them easily according to your criteria. Assign, then, the tasks to your employees in an almost automatic way according to the files processed. Keep records of any activity.
  • To manage the time invested in each project effortlessly and complete your “timesheets” in “continuous flow” when you realize a task such as the drafting of a Word document, sending an email or handling a customer phone call. Convert your meetings in timesheets.
  • To invoice in a simple and rapid way: Create your monthly invoices in a few minutes. Thanks to predefined templates, create and send detailed and professional invoices.


The reducing of communication costs, related  to the IP telephony, is very often the most common argument of the enterprises. The IP telephony consist of much more than just a lowest cost telephony. Authentik unified communications center, it will help you organize the communications flow within your organization and retain this flow in the main business-specific applications (Mail, ERP, CRM, timesheeting).  Start video conferencing with your gests from a meeting workspace, automatically monitor your calls in your CRM and also automatically orientate your internal calls depending on the folder handler. A properly integrated unified communications system (CTI) will avert call losing and will significantly increase your image and your services monintoring quality.


Increase significantly the productivity of your employees by making a definit leap towards Paperless Office. Whatever your logic of classifying, your staff will instantly find their document without loss of time, even while teleworking. Thanks to Content Indexing it will be possible, as from now, to integrate each and every document to your management system.

The paperless office also allows :

  • Activation of the Document Approval Process.
  • Organizing
  • Management

The impact, however, of such solutions on the infrastructure is quite significant: increase of storage space, increase of data volume to be backed up, moreover outside the production site… Thanks to our convergent approach, we offer to master the costs while maintaining overall control over performance and security aspects.


We make it a point to allow time for reflection and negotiation before any collaboration. This contributes not only to the serenity of our relations, but also proves to be essential to the dialogues that will intervene in the evolution of our services in line with your changing needs.

The SLA type contracts provide answers to essential questions such as :

  • Who provides, which service and when ?
  • What is happening in case of problems ?
  • Which is the service provided and how can service quality be assessed?
  • How to handle changes within the infrastructure and the related services?
  • Which responsibilities? Which compensations?

A relationship of trust cannot develop without a perfect transparency, thus we provide you with full access to our management platform. In addition of keeping track of our interventions, you will also subject them to an approval procedure. A true dashboard, it allows you to manage the inventory of your computer hardware and licences, perform statistics in order to measure and optimize your costs (maintenance, investments, installations…). You will be able to access and store all the technical doucmentation relative to your infrastructure, you IT procedures, your invoice details and to many other advantages that we are inviting you to discover …

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