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Within each SME, IT has woven a digital nervous system.

Every day, we are being confronted with maintaining operations without the slightest discontinuity, while always allowing evolving and addressing the major challenges and budgetary constraints.

Accessing key business applications anywhere, anytime, from everywhere and in total security, is one of the most common examples. Our convergent solutions, integrating IT infrastructure, IP telephony and software solutions (on-site and on cloud), contribute to raise this challenge everyday within multiple and various SME in Belgium.

We offer you an evolving project at a mastered and sharp budget, for both the implementation and the maintenance.

As listed in our services description, here below, we will accompany and support you during the entire project phase.

Although we react fast, we anticipate even faster !


Our services


Meticulous Inventory and State of Play of your hardware and software assets. Synthesis of recorded vulnerabilities and malfunctions. Assessment of your storage and archiving strategy. Proposing of improvement paths. Analysis of your needs and budget planning. Flash security audit or targeted security audit. Recommendations of Global IT strategy.


Proposal of an all-in-one integrated solution after analysing your needs. Secure website hosting.


Convergent solutions designed and implemented by ASSYST EUROPE take an even greater relevance when IP telephony is integrated. Authentik unified communications center, IP telephony integrates with the secure management of Internet connectivity, the electronic mailbox of each user (e-mail, calendar…) and even with your company’s management software (Customer Relation Management – CRM). Your employees either sedentary, nomadic or even teleworking would be accessible on a single professional number! You would not have to accumulate different contracts of computer services and telephone system maintenance. You can achieve real savings with our holisctic approach and our global service contract all-in-one.


Conception of a decision making support tool : collection, consolidation and modeling of information from heterogeneous sources. Reports. Tailor-made development or originating from existing tools. Creation of synthetic reports, dashboards.


Combined with an efficient paperless management electronic document management integrates and harmonizes digital (scanned) documents directly into your business processes. We help you centralize your data and facilitate access to your collaborators, who are either situated in a different location or they are teleworking. We can help you take into account all the organizational aspects of your business and the cooperation between collaborators in order to set up approval processes, access definition and document sharing, archiving, storage, backup ….


Our global service contracts assume all aspects of your IT and telephony infrastructure: Preventive, proactive or reactive on-demand maintenance.

Our service contracts aim to provide you with an uninterrupted operation while keeping your budget under control.

In our global service contracts, an active monitoring option is included. We install a “probe” on your network that will monitor the different key services of your infrastructure (tailor-made monitoring adapted to your infrustructure and your needs). This “probe” will then transmit its measures to our server of centralized monitoring. In this way, we are informed in real time of any alert announcing a failure and we can proactively take action before you would even notice the malfunction.


  • Everybody agrees with the assertion that an infrastructure or IT procedures are useless if they are not properly used or if new contained in new versions are not well known.
  • Therefore, whether accompanying your staff in the use of a new CRM, or any business application, or still in discovering the new features in MS Office updates, we can still help you by an individualized support in the form of coaching.
  • In addition, we accompany you to train your users in the essential security procedures.


In order to benefit from the same advantages as those offered to you by Cloud-based infrastructure, ASSYST EUROPE offers you the possibility of renting the entire infrastructure it proposes to you.  In this manner, you avoid important cash outflow, while you amortize all rents.

At the end of the contract, the option to purchase is always proposed to you, in case you would wish to acquire the rented equipment or software.

This solution offers you, in addition, the advantage of containing a guarantee against hardware failures and an insurance against accidental breakage.

Relevant technologies

  • AVAYA 150x150
  • Veeam ProPartner 150x150
  • Microsoft Dynamics 150x150
  • MICROSOFT 150x150
  • SHARE POINT150x150
  • Cloud Computing 150x150

Our references

  • APRAGAZ-150x150
  • ARJO 150x150
  • Barré ®
  • BRUYNZEL150x150
  • busi-150x150
  • FL Consult 150x150
  • Gesti-consult 150x150
  • IBG 150x150
  • Lhoist 150x150
  • POLITICO 150x150
  • Shawn Coulson 150x150

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